Embroidery is a good, durable and stylish way to advertise a company or club in various textiles. 

We have a few ready-made cap models and shirts in our warehouse, but you can also deliver your own product on which you would like a picture or logo. 

We carry out various embroidery works upon request. You just deliver the logo or image to us, which we digitize into an embroidered form. For example, you can email us a picture in PDF format and we will edit it here into the right format for the embroidery machine. 

You can also bring your family's towels, clothes, etc. to be named. The only limit for embroidery is your imagination. 

In embroidery, the largest picture we can make is 40x30cm at one time, by changing the embroidery stitch we can make as big a border as needed. 

We also print products with sublimation technology. Sublimation technology is a good alternative to embroidery if you want to mark, for example, sports club or company clothes with company logos and advertisements. You can also design an individual product for yourself or as a gift. The print area is 35cmx35cm with one print at a time.